Integrating IPB & reCAPTCHA


1. First Attaining Public and Provate Key for reCAPTCHA

First request key for your domain from Here (you have to signup first and then add domains)

2. Executing DB queries for easy adminstration

the following add reCAPTCHA choice to your IPB ACP as a way for CAPTCHA and provides means for entering public & private keys without editiing files :-

you may do following using phpmyadmin Or mysql console or any other MySql client / interface

Assuming your table prefix is "ibf" (This is important replace "ibf" with your own prefix) & default IPB installation

On doing this if you log into ACP -> Tools & Setting -> Security & Privacy you should see something like this


3. File Edits

go to file  /upload/sources/action_public/register.php



after it add

2) find

Replace with

3) find

after it add

4) Library Downloading

download reCAPTCHA php library from Here

unpack the library and put the file recaptchalib.php in IPB Root direcotry


And Thats It .... !!!

if a member now registers he will see something like this